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    How do you achieve the best market fit for your company’s future consumer tech products?
    design-people’s Tech-User Navigator provides an excellent way to understand and connect with your target groups. 5 comprehensive user profiles covering attitudes, motivations, use- and buying patterns for a variety of tech products and online services.
    Womenomics – the globally emerging female buying power is an important business driver. All over the world women get better education which translates into better jobs, higher income, larger buying power and larger influence on household buying decision as well as business- and public spendings.
    Seen in this perspective it is mandatory to pay specific attention to female consumer preferences. This is what the Tech-user navigator does. It acknowledges gender differences in technology use and purchase.
    Thereby, it can help you to balance the mindset of the tech-savy (often male) developers with the attitudes and preferences of 5 tech-consumer segments with a gender perspective – both in innovation and marketing. A joint focus on specific techuser profiles creates a solid foundation for future growth of your business.

The research

  • 3 markets; Scandinavia, Germany and France
  • 1200 respondents; 600 women and 600 men
  • Age 18-70
  • Web-based interviews
  • Data segmentation through cluster analysis revealing 5 distinctive tech-user profiles founded by attitudes towards technology
  • Comprehensive visualization of data and guidelines in 5 gendered tech-user profiles (female/male)

The challenge

    The challenge we posed for this research was to map out men and women’s respective preferences in terms of communication, buying experience and daily use of technology. Not in black & white – but as a small range of statistically valid tech- user profiles, based on a quantitative survey of men and women in Scandinavia, Germany and France.
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Tech-user Navigator know-how the optimal impact on your product development and marketing.
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