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From tech product to a benefit story

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“Three months later, our improved user experience and marketing approach were critical in opening the door to the US market. We expect to sell 500,000 Mylights next year.”

— Flemming Viktor Andersen, Founder, E3light

E3light, a startup specializing in environmentally friendly light sources, came to design-people with the Mylight, a LED flex strip activated by sensing motion – an intriguing new product that was selling poorly.

A LED flex strip set off by a motion sensor. What real-life benefits and specific applications might it have – and for whom? And how do we persuade people to buy it? The answers weren’t immediately obvious, yet the success of the product depended on defining the target customers and developing a benefit story.

Given design-people’s know-how with respect to emerging buying power of women, we proposed a female benchmark user. Our team explored the entire product experience – from purchase and unpacking, to installation and use – from her perspective. In dialogue with prospective female buyers and users, we developed promising benefit stories along with new use scenarios.

”Bedlight” – the winning concept, introduced a scenario of comforting a child in the middle of the night. When getting up at night, the Mylight’s muted light will illuminate the floor as soon as you swing your legs out of bed, guiding your path and creating a calm and soothing atmosphere to console the child. The identified scenarios helped us design a packaging and communication concept, which women could immediateley relate to their own needs.The Mylight packaging solution focused on easy installation and a satisfying first time use.

Since the Mylight relaunch earlier this year, US sales have taken off. In fact, they’ve been so good that the Danish Trade Council awarded E3light the Vitus Export Prize.“Constantly retro-fitting for women isn’t the best way. Products and systems that incorporate the smartest aspects of gender can open new markets. Products that meet the needs of diverse user-groups enhance global competitiveness and sustainability.”


Microsoft case

Creating better user experiences for all users is the utmost outcome of including a female focus in your innovation processes. Microsoft applies this new strategy, eyeing a $18 trillion business potential in more explicitly targeting their tech products at women.

Danfoss App thumbnail

The Danish company Danfoss is a global leader in indoor-climate solutions. Following our successful collaboration on award-winning product designs, Danfoss and design-people joined forces for a research collaboration about innovation culture and practices.

Vertu case thumbnail

Renowned for high-end craftsmanship and its collaboration with Ferrari, Vertu is a luxury mobile phone brand based in England.
But Hutch Hutchison, who heads up Vertu’s concept creation and design, was concerned that the exclusive brand was excluding a crucial group of clients.